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Small emblematic hotels

We are two luxury boutique hotels that were born to provide our guests with excellent service and transmit the best of our history and culture.

We are emblematic because we reflect the Argentinean identity.

We cherish the legacy of settlers, Indians, Creoles and immigrants. We pay tribute to native people and those who with their bright performances marked the path, to those anonymous, to innovators, to the revolutionaries, loved or despised still present establishing the essence of our Argentina.


salta and buenos aires boutique hotel


Salta province is located in the northwest of the Argentinean Republic, 1600 Km away from Buenos Aires city.

Salta Capital City is located 1187 meters over the sea level, was built in 1582 and has a pronounced Hispanic physiognomy that stands it out from the rest of the Argentinean cities.

Its urban profile is outlined by colonial style houses, streets and narrow sidewalks and the green-brownish of the surrounding hills, belonging to the Andeans Pre mountain range.

It is a city proud of its architectonic patrimony, kind and hospitable that provides an attractive offer in entertainment and cultural events.

Legado Mítico Salta has a privileged location; it is situated in the historical center of the city, just over five blocks from the traditional 9 de Julio Square and the commercial and banking center. Martin Miguel de Guemes International Airport is only 20 minutes away.

Buenos Aires is the Capitol City of the Argentinean Republic, it is located in the center-east region of the country, by the Río de la Plata offshore, right in the Pampas planes.

It is a metropolis with its own personality, one of the most important in Latin America, open to architecture, to culture and to art from all over the world, cosmopolitan and contradictory, dynamic and traditional, historical and avant-garde.

Legado Mítico Buenos Aires is located in the heart of Palermo Soho neighborhood, antic neighborhood with antique houses from the 1900, which with its recycling has become a vibrant area where the most sophisticated restaurants and bars, design houses, small Independent theather lounges and artist’s studios are situated.