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This comfortable luminous space, generous with objects, images and texts turns into a whole new world to be explored on the ground floor of the hotel.

Here, the most curious guests will find research material from different time periods and may eventually strike up imaginary conversations with the fantastic characters from Argentine history that live in Legado Mítico Salta.



Warm and cosy, it invites guests to enjoy our Mythical Breakfast especially prepared to indulge their every whim.



The mansion greets its guests as it did in years gone by, amazing them with a noble staircase of carved wood and a splendid crowning slylight. From her portrait near-by, it is Macacha Güemes who welcomes visitors with her particular wit and grace.



As it happened in years gone by, the cool-ness of the poplars’ patio makes it the ideal meeting point, or a place to relax and enjoy the pleasant summer evenings.