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The world of the Wichi nation was the rich thick woodland. Thanks to their millennial wisdom, Wichis made use of the abundant nature around them without destroying it; and they were also able to survive the tough climatic variability of the area.

This people knew the world they walked on every day. They also knew the underworld below the ground where the dead lived, and the world above, the sky, where their ancestors lived forever as stars. However, they were completely unaware of the existence of another world, which was completely different from all others, that of the white man.

The Wichi legacy is their wise view of the world which vibrates in unison with nature; our challenge is the recovery and preservation of its value.



Category: Mythical Superior, 42mt2 area. First floor.

Entertainment and Communication: 32” LCD TV, DVD player, Mini-bar, WiFi Internet access, telephone with national and international dialling access.

Features: in-room safe for guests’ laptop, individual hot-and-cold air-conditioning system.v

Bathroom: Hairdryer, amenities.