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Hotel Boutique en Salta Legado Mitico

tango-tita-mereloAt the historical center of Salta city, the manor that once belonged to a a patrician family from Salta and was rescued from the oblivion to be transformed into a glamorous boutique hotel.

Inspired by the history and the culture from the Argentinean northwest, Legado Mítico, is the first thematic hotel of Salta province. Warm and moving, evoking the most loved and memorable characters from the north of Salta as well as its native settlers.

Delightfully acclimated, refinement and classicism combined to perfection with current trends. Objects, furniture and paints where chosen carefully for their emblematic value, reflecting traces of Salta identity, as a result of its cultural blending.

Mythical bedrooms pamper and indulge the dreamer with their comfort. Each one bearing the stamp of a remarkable character or the native towns from the original Argentinean northwest, they await for those willing to reveal their secrets.

For those who want to experience the authentic spirit of the chosen destination, Hotel Legado Mítico Salta holds the conviction that each day is fill with encounters and joy to give to its guests.

Legado Mitico Salta Hotel Boutique in Salta
Bartolomé Mitre 647 Northwest argentinean, City of Salta
Phone: +54-387-4228786